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Waist training corsets have steel bones and are widely used to slim down the waist line. To achieve the maximum waist training results using training corsets, you require more than just wearing a tight corset the whole day. You need to take the whole process slow.

For a beginner, tightening the corset the whole day will most probably risk you getting injured.

To benefit from the use of corsets, beginners are required to wear their training corset for at least 3 hours in a day and it should be fairly loose. 
Then as time goes by you can start tightening it but not to an extent that you will have difficulties in breathing.
Treat your corset as an outer gastric band. The gentle pressure exerted by the corset will help you to eat less and also make you feel full easily which in turn will confine your food intake and help you get slimmer. You can put it on for a couple of hours a day, or wear it only when you take a seat during meals or when you start experiencing your cravings.
Use of training corset is an ideal approach for individuals attempting to adhere to a calorie controlled eating routine. However eating less is not the only solution to your weight problem, it’s as yet essential to eat healthy to make sure you do not experience the ill effects of any vitamin or mineral inadequacies.
In addition to the use of corsets, you should maintain regular exercise for the following reasons:-
Your core muscles are what hold the top part of your body upright, and as training corsets support the upper body and take the stress off your core muscles. A known side effect of wearing a corset is that the muscles in your back and torso get weakened. This is why it is important to exercise regularly to keep your muscles strong.
Another reason why it is important to exercise regularly when you wear training corsets is because your movement is restricted while wearing the corset and your lung capacity will be lessened, which in turn will make you get less exercise. So make sure you take the corset off and do some cardiovascular exercise to get your heart rate up.
Doing this will ensure that your waist line after using corset training, is instantly flattened, making you look slimmer and with no back injuries. The corset results into beautifully highlighted curves by getting rid of the stubborn fat around your belly.
To ensure you get the best waist trainer corsets, ensure that the material is breathable and washable. The lining should be made of cotton to avoid the unpleasant pinching and rubbing of the hard lining materials. It should also be easy to adjust to your current waist size.
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