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Corset belts have always been used by tight lacers to keep their waists from expanding while they couldn’t wear their normal corsets.

The corset belt has recently been thrust from function into the world of fashion, with a variety of different variations on the corset belt shimmying down the catwalk.

Determining What Size Corset Pattern To Make

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Perhaps it was Kylie Jenner coupling it with an oversize worn T-shirt or Kim using it to highlight her breasts? Either way, these corset belts are now ‘in’ for the season; summer 2017. 
Corset belts are just what they seem like – a mixture between an old fashioned corset, as well as a wide belt. They’re bold, they stick out, plus they must be worn on the outside as a statement piece – a stark contrast to their historic corset counterparts. 
Here are a few suggestions about the best way to wear corset belts with outfits.
Go for the Kylie Jenner unimpressed look – wear a corset belt on the outside of an oversize t shirt with some big heavy boots. Or get somewhat more decked out and use it over a tight dress. A corset belt is a good way to break up a midi dress, particularly when the belt is in a contrasting color or pattern. Do something a little more rock n roll with your corset belt, wear the belt with denim or leather biker jackets with studs. 
Corset belts can be an extreme look, but it doesn’t mean they cannot be paired with casual items of clothing too, like with pastels, tights and a soft cardigan. If it is too cold to help keep your legs bare, wear your corset belt on an oversized shirts, blazers and over the knee boots are also among the popular looks.

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